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Download Setup: EuroJackp.exe (2,6MB)
Version 1.15 (10.12.2014)

now also the adaptation of the game system to 10/10/2014. Install the setup directly over the old version then retained the settings!

Eurojackpot is next Euro Millions lottery, a further enlarged Europe which is supported by several countries. The founding members of Euro Jackpot are Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. Thus from the beginning to about 180 million people participate in this lottery. The lottery will also be open to further European border, we shall see. In each game, a jackpot of 10 million will be guaranteed and the EuroJackpot should be able to grow to even 90 million.

See what's playing! Every Friday will be drawn 5 out of 50 and 2 from 10 Euro numbers. The probability of winning the jackpot is 1:95 million Thus, the game is similar to Euro Millions considered only where the addition to the 5 numbers from 11 for 2 star numbers are making the chance of winning the jackpot is at 1:117  

This program can not predict lottery numbers, of course, tried just by optimizing the number of tips to increase the chances. Lotto is and remains a gamble. Therefore, the lottery expert and as long as FREEWARE, and you have the first three! So hopefully not too long, then does the lottery expert still limited, they can not update via the Internet and charge only 2 tips. For 10 € you can run the program then register again and complete disconnection.


Lotto-Experte "speaks" German, French, English, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Dutch, Danish, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Greek, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Portuguese

To register you will receive an email with the unlock code.

By clicking you will be evaluated in the program as the first in the world and discover that the numbers of draws and your tip.

Viele Analysemöglichkeiten helfen beim finden der optimalen Tippreihe!

To transfer the tips to the relevant agency of the state lottery web machine is used. This script takes files from which you can edit and use as well as for any Internet portal. You could be a script for example no matter how complete it is also still the same registered with ..... The Web machine can be loaded directly from the lottery experts or install the program from my website where you can also find information about the scripting language.